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I love that red spiral dress. I legitimately feel like Julia Fox gives more polished celebs inspo for their looks, but she'll never get credit because people (women included) will continue to mock her.

She recently did a convo with Elvis Mitchell of KCRW's The Treatment and it made me realize the unshakeable misogyny that keeps attractive, ambitious women from being taken seriously as who they want to be (in her case, a writer and designer): https://www.kcrw.com/culture/shows/the-treatment/brian-koppelman-david-levien-julia-fox-nuna-perrier/down-the-drain-memoir-interview

And much of the mockery of her vocal fry/upspeak comes from fellow women, which just goes to show the internalized misogyny we all carry. She's probably gonna be written about by cultural critics more seriously in like 10-15 years, the way we're re-examining media treatment of Y2K starlets.

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